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Brandon J. McGill
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We all have a unique set of hopes and dreams that stem from our early years and develop further throughout our adult lives. What is meant to be yours will be yours, as long as you set a clear series of goals and push yourself. However, while believing in fate is a powerful tool for progress, what is perhaps even more powerful is the belief that you can manifest your dreams on your own. This is essentially the idea that you can make something yours, rather than wishing for it to be yours. It is proactive, rather than reactive. Manifestation is the process of seeing something you like, feeling that it is yours, and then making that a fact. You are making it known to the wider world, as well as yourself, that this thing will, at some point, be yours.

However, for this manifestation to work, you have to commit your full being to it. It simply will not happen unless every fiber of your being believes not that it can happen, but that it will happen. Nothing is going to stop this thing from becoming yours. Discard any negative feelings or any self-doubts surrounding the subject. Start thinking positively and positively only. Negative thoughts lead to negative actions, and negative actions lead to holding yourself back and never achieving those goals you set out for yourself. You will notice a huge change in your life and your self-progress once you start thinking positively about every aspect of your existence.

The process of manifestation is more than just positive thinking, though, you must also have unwavering faith in the process itself. It is almost as if you have to truly believe that this thing is already yours, rather than it potentially being yours in the future. Start small and set your eyes on something like a gift. Once you put your mind to it, it will likely happen that very same week. So, how exactly do you navigate the process of manifestation? Here are the simple steps and techniques:

  • Use objects to manifest your desires — One core technique for manifestation involves putting all of your energy into a specific object. Choose your object, preferably something that can fit in your hands, then hold it and channel your inner dreams, desires, and positive thoughts into that object. One of the most common and successful items to manifest with is water. Fill up a glass bottle with crystal clear spring water and place your hands around the glass. Fill your mind with the things you are looking to manifest, the things that you see as yours, and attempt to channel them from your mind, into your hands, and then into the water. Once you have transferred all of your positive thoughts into the water, pick up the bottle, and take a drink. Keep this water nearby throughout the day and take a drink every time you think about those things you want to manifest. Alongside water, crystals are also extremely popular objects to use in the manifestation process. Different types of crystals are thought to have different properties, powers, and energies. It is, therefore, important to research and choose a crystal that speaks to you and what you are trying to achieve. Similarly, you could just pick whichever crystal seems visually appealing to you at that moment. Much like you did with the water, hold the crystal in your hands and pour your dreams, desires, positivity, and energy into it. You should then keep it on your person or near you throughout the day. Pick it up and hold it whenever you need to feel the crystal’s energy, whenever you think about the thing you want to manifest, or whenever you start to want to manifest something new.
  • Using meditation to manifest your desires — As we have explained before, meditation is good for you in so many ways. It can relax you, it eases stress, it can even remove depression and anxiety, while promoting creative thinking and positivity. It can calm both your body and mind while promoting peace within your life. It allows you to concentrate all of your energy on one clear goal, removing all outside factors and problems surrounding you. This can be utilized in the process of manifestation. When meditating, you are in full control to concentrate your attention on anything you want, including this sense of manifesting your true desires. Close your eyes during your next meditation and visualize how your life will change for the better when you have this thing in your grasp. Picture yourself and the thing you want to manifest. Imagine what it would be like to feel that in your life, for it to be yours and yours alone. Lean on your imagination and let your mind drift through the motions of reaching this manifestation.
  • Using words to manifest your desires — Manifesting with words is perhaps the easiest method of all, but it takes some practicing and getting used to it. When you normally set your mind to something, you may use words like ‘wish,’ ‘hope,’ or ‘want.’ This vocabulary should be thrown out of the window when it comes to the process of manifestation. These words simply no longer exist for you. As we have explained, the first step of manifestation is believing that the thing is already yours. You should believe that it belongs to you and then let it come to you. Talk in the present tense and use active words when speaking about this thing. For example, instead, you say you want something, say you are going to get it. Instead of saying you hope that something will happen, say that it will happen. Change your entire mindset and approach to desires by convincing yourself that it is already an inevitability. Even using subtle differences in words and phrases can make a huge difference when it comes to manifestation.
  • Make a list — What do you want to manifest into your life? Make a clear and coherent list of everything you desire in the world. While using words and speaking out loud can be a great way of manifesting, what can be even more productive is writing those dreams down on paper. Seeing them in black and white can make them seem far more real than your voice can convince you of. Pick up a pen and paper and write out your desires in a list format, a letter, or even a short fictional tale. Write down what your manifestations would be, what your dream life would be, but write it in such a way that makes it sound like it is your reality. For example, rather than saying you hope you will achieve something, write that you are grateful that you have now achieved it. Write it as if it has already happened. List everything you want to manifest in this way, with as much detail as possible. Keep these desires in a safe place and read them back to yourself whenever you feel like you need to be reminded. Reading them out loud can also make them feel more real.

The Manifestation Mantra

I want to manifest at my full potential.

I understand the importance of eating a plant-based diet so that I can manifest at my full potential.

I understand the importance of being physically fit so that I can manifest at my full potential.

I understand the importance of forgiveness so that I can manifest at my full potential.

I understand the importance of compassion so that I can manifest at my full potential.

I understand the importance of pure love so that I can manifest at my full potential.

I understand the importance of daily meditation so that I can manifest at my full potential.

I understand the importance of daily journaling so that I can manifest at my full potential.

I understand the importance of daily reading so that I can manifest at my full potential.

I understand the importance of positive thoughts so that I can manifest at my full potential.

I am ready to manifest at my full potential.



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