How To Set Intentions (Sigil Magic)

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“Magic is the art of directing and controlling energy using natural forces to produce a desired effect.”

Spells and Spelling

Have you ever wondered why the art of placing one letter in front of another to create a legitimate word is called spelling? It is because once uttered or written, human words can become spells that have a profound effect on other people and their lives. This is why positive self-talk is so important, with this concept being at the heart of the famous idiom, ‘be careful what you wish for.’ Words have the power to create both love and pain. Words can change the world, just as easily as they can destroy it. Words spark all kinds of emotions. Words are magical.

Some of you may be skeptical about this concept, but it is true. Neither words nor magic are driven by truth. Neither words nor magic can be explained. They are more like beliefs or concepts than anything. They revolve around our own belief in their existence. Without belief, magic does not exist, just as words do not. They are not bound by logic if anything they thrive when outwardly defying it. Once you believe in the words that you speak, you breathe life and passion into them, granting them far more power than ever before. Words with meaning can change the world. Empty words fall on deaf ears. You can change the way the people around you think and feel with nothing more than the sounds from your mouth. You can make someone cry, laugh, smile, or scream. You can make them happy, sad, angry, or intrigued. Words are magic, and it is as simple as that.

But using your own words to set intentions throughout your life, you can create the future you desire. Talk it into existence. By setting your intentions and expectations, you also set the intentions for your perfect partner, finding the one you want to experience love with. This is a natural progression and by-product of our overall self-improvement.

You should be setting yourself goals for between now and six months, one year, and three years. These goals can be, however big or small, but they should contribute to your overall growth as a person or as a couple. These goals should grow in ambition as time passes. For instance, your goals for three years down the line should be bigger and more ambitious than those for the next six months.

According to Vishen Lakhiani, we overestimate what we can do in 1 year and underestimate what we can do in 3 years. Vishen Lakhiani is a Malaysian entrepreneur, author, and speaker, the co-founder of Mindvalley, and the author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. Mindvalley promotes personal spiritual development using methods such as meditation.


Crystals can heighten intentions. They are seen as sentient beings like any other, on the same level as animals, plants, and human beings. You can communicate with other humans, but you can just as easily communicate with crystals too. They are built just like the human body, feeding off of the natural nutrients within the Earth and the cosmic energy from the universe. Crystal consciousness is all about connecting with the spiritual essence of a crystal or group of crystals. It is about finding the greatest source of love, light, and truth by forming a symbiotic relationship via these crystals. They are seen as the highest manifestation of the first mineral kingdom on planet Earth. They are considered to be the firstborn children of Mother Earth. Crystals have a consciousness, a spirit, a personality, hence why they can be so individual to every person. It is the same concept as forming a relationship with another human. You have to relate to them, understand them, be intrigued and challenged by them. All crystals have energy, some more powerful than others; it is just about finding the right crystal for your personality and situation.

Picking your crystals in person is the best way to feel their truth to understand how they relate to you. This simply cannot be experienced with a simple online order. For any Harry Potter fans, this is the same concept as ‘the wand chooses the wizard,’ as Harry goes to the wand shop in person to experience this bond. For any non-Potter fans, the wizard and wand have a magical bond between them, meaning that each is destined for the other, with an unspeakable connection. The wizard must embrace the magic within them and accept the wand that calls out to them. This can also be applied to the real world, as you should use this power from the crystals to manifest the reality you want.

So, which crystal is best for the pursuit of love?

Rose Quartz

This is seen as the crystal of unconditional love, as well as being an all-purpose and beginners love stone. It carries the divine feminine energies of peace and compassion. It is also referred to as the heart stone. If you are looking for unconditional love across multiple aspects of your life, rose quartz is the crystal for you. Wear it on a long necklace to hang it over your heart to activate the heart chakra. This promotes self-love, as well as attracting the love of others. Rose quartz is perfect for kickstarting romance, self-love, healing familial love, and finding your soulmate.

Green Aventurine

This is the ideal crystal for turning up your romance. It is also related to chance and luck, making it perfect for those who are looking to change their own. Green is the most accurate color when it comes to the heart chakra, making this an effective crystal. It is also closely associated with wealth and success. This is ideal for the more mature stages of your love, reigniting passion in long-lasting relationships and older minds.

Pink Topaz

This is for those on a serious quest for love and a soul mate. It is far rarer than rose quartz and is associated with sophistication. It is also said to be connected to the lunar cycle, with each color relating to different energy and purpose. Pink topaz is the crystal for you if you are looking for real and true love, the one you want to invest time into.


This is said to be the perfect crystal for a decadent, hot, and heavy romance. They are associated with power and confidence, activating the root chakra at the base of the spine. This means it is strongly linked with sensual pleasure, desire, and sex.

Using Sigil Magic to Set an Intention

You must be extremely clear with yourself concerning the type of partner you want to attract. Until you are sure in yourself and your own heart, you cannot be sure in the heart of another. You can manifest these desires by writing down precisely what you are looking for in a long-term partner. This can include their qualities, personality types, energies, what path they are on, and their full potential. You should focus on the learning experiences of past relationships, no matter how well they ended. There is always a lesson to be learned and information to be gleamed from a failed romantic partnership. Without looking to the past, you will not know what to change for the future. Project what your ideal day and future looks like and envision how your partner enhances that vision. This should not be in a way that you depend on them, but how you want them to help you keep you honest on your journey.

Sigil Magic is the art of taking symbols and images and using them to manifest your desires. Think of yourself as the magician, giving meaning to the meaningless. This is one of the most common forms of magic in the modern world. Think of the McDonalds logo, that big golden arched M. Even the sight of a sign in the distance makes your stomach rumble. They have given a very human meaning to what is essentially a simple shape. That is exactly what Sigil magic is. So, how can you use this concept to manifest your desires?

  1. Determine the intentions you have — What do you want? Be clear with yourself. Don’t be vague. Write down these intensions in one clear sentence. Use terms that present as if you already have the thing you want. I have, not I want.
  2. Obscure the meaning — Obscure the meaning of your written sentence. There are a number of ways to do this, so feel free to research the best for you. Our favorite is removing all the vowels, pushing all the letters into one long word, removing all repeated consonants. The sentence is no longer readable by anyone but you, giving it a sense of power.
  3. Design your Sigil — Take these remaining letters and arrange them in a way that disguises them even further. Twist and turn them, flip them, reverse them, write them in different fonts, create art from them, add lines, stars, moons, and more to hide them.
  4. Forget the Sigil — Forget the original purpose of the Sigil to give it greater power. You should not be able to remember what the original message was, yet it is still there. This can be achieved by creating a dozen different Sigils. After returning from a month of not looking at them, you will not be able to remember which is which or what they meant. You should have confidence in the Sigil working without knowing its true meaning. That is where the power lies.
  5. Charge the Sigil — Fill the Sigil with the energy needed to manifest the desire. Visualize the Sigil at a moment of mindlessness. This could be when meditating, during an orgasm, or in the middle of a fast, for example. Visualize the Sigil at the moment of climax in your chosen activity to charge it with a clear mind.

Set Intention Mantra

I am the creator of my reality.

I understand energy is neither negative or positive; it is just energy, which the carrier determines the negative or positive charge.

I am a positive carrier of energy, and I am aware that my thoughts are energy.

I tell the universe what I desire, and I tell the universe what I am willing to give to receive.

I consciously set my intentions.

I write in my journal the reality I want to experience.

I tap into the powers within me.

I am very clear with my spelling, as I am aware my words contain the power of magic.

I think of my desire, I write my desire, and I recite my desire aloud to embed it into the universal consciousness of the ONE.



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