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8 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

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Being an entrepreneur is a fulfilling experience. But in a modern-day business, there are always millions of things to get done. You have thousands of tasks in your to-do list every day, which makes it really difficult to figure out where to start.

24 hours never seem like enough when you have so much on your plate — doing extensive research, maintaining communication, gathering and managing resources, streamlining collaboration, reaching new clients, tracking accounts, building brand presence, and so much more!

Luckily, there are plenty of tools and apps easily available today that can take care of all these things — so you can stop scrambling to manage your growing business.

These apps can do everything for you — from managing your finances and building your team to signing documents, recording communication, processing payments — the list goes on.

So, let’s check out some of the top apps every entrepreneur should download and use in 2020:

1. LinkedIn

It’s a great app for building and enhancing your network and nurturing professional relationships. The app is versatile, allowing you to search for people based on location, qualification, industry, job, company, university and so on. This platform is where you can showcase your work, share your ideas, and even secure valuable business deals.

LinkedIn also allows you to stay updated with the latest news on your interested topics as well as news related to your market or industry. You can build your personal brand and develop a brighter future for your business.

Most importantly, with a maximum of 30,000 connections, it allows you to define your target market and only add individuals you’re interested in to benefit your business.

Be sure to only use the free 30 day premium trial when you have a plan to execute.

2. Insight Timer

With more than 7 million active users as of 2019, Insight Timer features some of the best meditations, talks and music that can be highly beneficial for entrepreneurs looking to live a balanced life.

Although being an entrepreneur is very rewarding, it is undoubtedly hard. It requires a great deal of hard-work, dedication and mindfulness to grow a successful business. Therefore, it’s highly important for entrepreneurs to take extra care of their mental health.

Insight Timer can teach you how to meditate effectively within a short amount of time every day.

3. Slack

Slack is an awesome platform that makes team communication very easy. It gathers your group exchanges into one single place and gives you the ability to make information easily searchable and available no matter where you are.

You can also make video calls, share documents, drag and drop images, PDFs, etc., all in the live chat. The best part is it automatically archives messages, files and notifications with proper indexing.

With over 4 million active users daily, it’s one of the fastest-growing B2B applications today. It provides you a great way to reduce unnecessary emails and organize your conversations into separate private and public channels.

Slack can also be integrated into many other apps and CRM platforms.

4. TransferWise

TransferWise allows all size businesses to send and receive money across borders with a minimal fee. It is a great app for processing debit and credit card payments and international transfers.

It has over 4 million global customers, which makes it one of the most accepted platforms for international money transfers. This app even lets you invoice your clients in their preferred currency. If you’re an entrepreneur, it is very common to expect clients/customers from multiple countries.

With the Transferwise Debit card, you can have money in multiple currencies and spend it from the same debit card, avoiding conversion rate fees and spending in local currencies instead.

5. Audible

Audible can be a great source of knowledge for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are always looking for useful information and ideas to develop their mind. Audible helps to do just that, even when you’re running errands, you can listen to latest books while you’re commuting or doing chores or waiting in line.

Listening to audible before bed is the best way to retain intformation.

6. Fiverr

If you’re an entrepreneur working around the clock, always on the go — then you should opt for Fiverr. It is the largest marketplace for digital services. It gives you instant access to a wide network of freelancers working across the world to provide you quality service.

You can find everything to grow your business from scratch. With Fiverr, budget, time, and geographical location are no longer barriers in your way to grow and succeed as an entrepreneur.

7. NordVPN

For a modern-day entrepreneur, it is essential to make use of the internet for performing the day-to-day operations and tasks. From connecting with clients globally to accessing information — the list is never ending. Therefore, online security is a crucial factor for business owners.

Cyber security is a complex subject, but NordVPN makes it easy for you. This VPN platform involves extensive features to keep your online activities protected from hackers. It effectively keeps you secure on public Wi-Fi networks, blocks malware and even annoying advertisements.

It is a wise choice to keep your IP address and other data protected in public networks.

8. StoryArt

Entrepreneurs can make use of this Instagram story editor app to improve their engagement with followers and increase their leads. This platform offers more than 1000 story templates to help you create beautiful collage layouts for Instagram.

It allows you to do many more things from adding filters, effects, themes to adding texts using different fonts, and so on. You can easily customize your Instagram, so you can bring more eyes to your virtual storefront.

If you’re a startup owner, then your life is full of challenges, heavy duties and hectic schedules. To achieve your business goals as an entrepreneur, you will find it worthwhile to use such business-oriented and innovative mobile apps that can help you manage your performance and productivity.



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